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Guest Page No. 1 - The Sock Bag

Good morning. I am Madame Zeena alias Miss Smarty-Pants.

It is my job to be on the alert for any places in the house that might need furring-up or otherwise dis-organising, re-organising, call it what you will.

Today though it is my duty to be helpful.

Aside from her very useful 'miscellaneous drawer' in the kitchen which I like to help disrupt, (I mean tidy) occasionally, my mistress has a sock bag in her bedroom in which she keeps all the single escapees from the washing machine. After a month or two, in exasperation, she strews them on her bed to pair up. Whoopee! That's where I come in of course. Little Miss Halpful. (Yes, they really do call me that)!

By the way, that's me in the picture after I had halpfully sorted out a sock labelled 'cat' all on my own. Can you see?

It was all a bit of a chore and a bit of a bore but she (we) mostly did it in the end.... =^.^=

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