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Who's really in Control?

Grandad and grandson age four were sitting beside a safe fire-pit in the field beside the house preparing to cook sausages and chips in a pan over the flames. (A nifty bit of granny-ship had ensured the food was already cooked enough indoors to miraculously appear in the pan for a final sizzle).

Having watched all the preparations and deep in thought, grandson obviously acknowledged some higher power than my husband as he questioned 'who is really in control Granddad? God?

We have never spoken with him about such issues and Granddad replied, 'well when you get older, much of it is your responsibility and it can work pretty much as you want it to.'

'I want it to go the right way,' was his considered reply.

Oh, such profound sentiments from such a young mind that does all the usual things that most children seem to do nowadays. Downloading games on the iPad, watching children's TV, etc., etc. The fare on offer (in my opinion), varies enormously from brilliantly educational programmes to weird and noisy animations that leave me cold!

Grandson is lucky enough though to have a very rounded existence. A granddad who loves to build giant Lego with him. Together they create great engineering projects from harbours to railway sidings, where simple plastic blocks become boats, express trains or lorries. A daddy who plays football, runs and rides bike with him. A mummy who teaches him good manners and thoughtfulness. Plenty of hugs and kisses all round to temper exasperation too.

If only all children were so loved in their formative years, I can't help thinking a lot of future strife in this world could be avoided. God takes many forms...

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