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The Cult of Celebrity

There have always been people who set out to become famous or who in the course of work or life, have had celebrity thrust upon them. Explorers, scientists, inventors. Philosophers, royalty, religious leaders. Politicians, actors and musicians. All one way or another broadcasting their message, seeking for or finding themselves in the limelight. Most I imagine have spent years studying, training, honing their craft. Many are truly charismatic; set apart by a certain indefinable something. Supreme confidence perhaps? A method of delivery maybe? Or an infectious zeal for spreading a particular message?

Artistry is a word that elevates the mundane to sublime in visual or hearing disciplines. The difference between flat uninspired painting and the luminescence of layering. Of playing a note as printed on the stave or intuitively interpreting and delivering the shades of emotion behind it. Great literature is a collection of words carefully worked into a colourful lexicon of fact and imagination and great actors have the ability to interpret the words with artistry.

So friends, I am bewildered that 'celebrity' or fame is so often nowadays conferred on people who apparently have few special gifts and very little artistry as opposed to artifice about them. Females, false from fingernails to hair extensions, fake tan to botox. Narcissistic guys displaying bodies that owe as much to waxing and supplements as gym work. Actors who mumble incoherently or 'pop' singers adding 'licks' of extraordinary complexity and ugliness to mask rather than enhance perfectly simple notes. Somewhere along the line reality it is being distorted (or discorded!)

In my opinion, 'celebrities' are often talent-less light-weights who contribute little to the general well-being of society other than as media fodder. I guess ultimately it's down to us. If we didn't gawp so readily at bizarre appearance, crazy antics or buy into sensational headlines, many of them would stay where they belong. In the background!

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