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My Idea of Heaven

Hubby and I have been leaving our holiday home early each morning for a walk round the valley that to me resembles one of the places I think Heaven must look like. Elterwater in the

Lake District.

On a clear, windless day it is place of outstanding beauty with calm waters reflecting mountainous surrounds in perfect upside-down symmetry.

Over the years it has acquired a beautifully-laid path for easy walking and is a very popular place that can get quite busy,but well before 10 a.m., we have had the place almost entirely to ourselves. My first sight this year of its familiar, loved contours lit by soft morning light was of dew-laden grasses and mist-softened mountains in silence so profound, it brought me to tears.

The next day was entirely different. Still and windless once more, peerless blue sky mirrored the sharp-edged Langdale Pikes to perfection until a gathering of Brent geese noisily disputing ownership, stirred the waters into sparkling eddies.

Each day we visited in homage and each time the surrounds brought a different aspect to our bliss.

After each of our leisurely walks we returned to where those same tranquil waters flare in foaming crests over Skelwith Force, its and our movements directed down towards the vegetarian restaurant that graces the edge of the river at Brathay Bridge. A lovely friendly place where we sat outside on the terrace overlooking glinting waters threading through downstream rocks.

Another type of heaven altogether, freshly-brewed tea and home-made scones!

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