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How are your Innards?

Updated: Sep 24, 2023

I've just been reading Guilia Enders' book so eloquently titled Gut. The Inside Story of Our Body's Most Underrated Organ. As a family of course we instantly sub-titled it the 'bum' book as it was so intimately concerned with all things 'bottom.'

Our reading came about by a chance recommendation and loan and as we are all interested in health matters, we devoured the contents, (sorry, couldn't resist it!)

Miss Enders is an award-winning endo-bacteriologist dedicated to spreading understanding of the important part the gut plays in our health or otherwise, and her book is the best-selling result. She explains that as one of the three main embryonic developments of brain, heart and lungs and intestines, it is a breeding-ground for essential good as well as bad bacteria that deal with our food consumption, processing and elimination.

Starting with the mouth and ending with the um, end, Miss Enders explains in easy-to-understand language the science of the intestines and deals with connected subject matters too delicate for dinner-table talk or this blog, but essential for our daily and therefore lifelong health.

It's strange to make a direct connection between our intestines and efficient brain function but Guilia Enders presents very convincing arguments. After all, 100-trillion inhabitants of our guts must be there for very good reason eh?

Do you really understand the difference between probiotic drinks and prebiotic? What is a celiac, why are some people gluten intolerant? All and much, much more is clearly explained with the aid of simple, humorous diagrams.

What foods should we eat to support good gut flora and which should we avoid? Also, do you realise your stomach really needs between, 12/14 hours fast in order to cleanse itself, and that every snack consumed during that time stops that important process?

Advertisements by the food industry can confuse as much as inform and I'd much rather believe what I read by this passionate advocate of good-sense living. Certainly, what the author clearly demonstrates from a scientific point of view is that we truly are what we eat!

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