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Designing for the Internet

An alternative landscape of blue, green, purple and pink...
Sea, Land or Sky?

April, 2022

In the earlier part of the year, I visited a local artist's studio, open for the day, and was impressed by the array of neatly-presented photo books showing off her artwork. The upshot was that I decided to gather together all my works from across the years and tidy them up!

I really enjoyed searching them out and recording them, and then thought I would put them to better use, so hit upon the idea of sharing some of them for product design. Hence my opening a shop with Redbubble and hopefully one or two more avenues.

I have spent many happy hours recording, adapting and creating new work for your pleasure and it's thrilling to think someone somewhere, (maybe you), will be wearing or displaying a little bit of my unique artistic output either on clothing or in your home.

So, go ahead, check out UbiArt on Redbubble. Happy hunting!

Virginia Creeper by Granny Bonnet
Virgina Creeper by Granny Bonnet

I have over a hundred different designs on my site, ranging from representational to abstract. Hopefully there will be something in the collection to please you.

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