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Cynicism as Skincare

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Thankfully I was born with good skin as well as a strong dose of cynicism which makes me question the motives behind cosmetics advertising though I know of course they are primarily financial!

​Naturally, cosmetics companies are going to slate simple soap and water. A face-cloth and bar of soap followed by a touch of overnight cream is not going to bankroll the chief executive! A few reviving splashes of (naturally) astringent cold water in the morning followed by a light covering of whatever you fancy is not going to pay for exclusive headquarters in Paris, London or New York!

​I don’t like being dictated to by so-called experts, and object to being told I need expensive products to ‘clean off the grime of the day’. A nice warm wash with soap and water or in my case just water alone, should suffice if you do not have problem skin. Cleaners, toners, moisturisers, exfoliates, and all the pseudo-scientific babble surrounding them, are there in part to bamboozle us into thinking we need to buy a variety of products that in my opinion fall into the realms of witchery for the gullible. Just think about it…

I'm all for a little enhancement, but for myself I choose inexpensive products and apply with a light touch - less is more is a good rule for the older face. None of us wants to look as though a plasterer has been called in to fill wrinkles and lines...

If you've got them, flaunt them! Don't habitually moan and turn down your mouth. Have a ready smile and at least your crinkles and creases will chart your happiness and enhance your glowing skin and sparkling eyes.

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