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Are You Wise to Overweight?

Obesity strikes at an earlier and earlier age now and over-weight smacks of excess. Here comes that phrase again - 'when I was young', we could not afford to eat between meals

and to be blunt, there were few fat people around. I note with incredulity now the amount

of food on many a plate and wonder quite how it can all pack into a stomach that starts out roughly the size of a fist!

In our house, in order to help convince ourselves we have adequate portions, we use smaller size dinner plates which have the effect of making meals appear larger and believe me, we do not go hungry.

Practically all our food is home-prepared and cooked. I say this not as a saint and martyr but as an efficient cook who can turn out a meal in almost as fast a time as resorting to convenience foods or send-outs. It really isn't too hard. After all, we used to have to wash the dirt off potatoes bought at the local shop before we even thought of peeling them. Now we have beautiful, pre-packed clean spuds we can boil or pop in the micro-wave; fresh or frozen ready-prepared veg.

I long ago taught myself to batch-cook and with a freezer that can cough up home-made burgers or ready-cooked chicken, sausages or soup I can have a proper hot meal served up inside twenty minutes.

Undoubtedly there is a place for occasional commercially-produced convenience foods in busy households but if you truly want to know what you are consuming (and save money), make cooking for yourself a priority. It's worth it!

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