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Make sure all page headings are Heading 1

Make sure all article cover names are Heading 2

Make sure all content body is in Paragraph 1

Make sure all Granny Bonnet signatures are in Marck Script

Make sure all links go where they say they will go

Fill out style sheet

Create a folder for each batch of six articles- put all relevant pictures and notes in the folder

Delete all unused pictures

File pictures

Teasers 3 (and probably some others) have pictures added over the top rather than 'change image' in repeater. May be worth changing if have time to improve page loading speed. 

Bing Mobile Friendliness tester says (15.7.19):

This page is mobile friendly

Viewport configured correctly

Zoom control is restricted 

Current viewport settings prevent the user from zooming in/out on this page. 
Please check if minimum-scale, maximum-scale and user-scalable attributes are set correctly.

Page content does not fit device width

Text on page is too small

Links and tap targets are too close/small

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