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Heading 1 for page headings, not all caps, in TNR, pt.60, white, italic 

Heading 2, TNR, pt.28, white, italic

Heading 3, TNR, pt.21, white, regular

Paragraph 1, pt.21, left justified, white, regular - text body. Outbound links should be in #ADC6F8​ blue and underlined. Internal links are not underlined, ex. in article cover descriptions. Text boxes manual padding (so text is not flush against margins). Site title is in TNR, pt.75, in #B11ED6, bold, italic, effect 'H'. 

Teaser main page design notes: headings are in H1, with space before and after, text box aligned flush with header, repeater aligned flush with title box. Footer is pulled up as far as will go.

Granny Bonnet is signed in Paragraph 2, Marck Script, pt.36

Page backgrounds should be in: #0E1A02 at 75%

Footer and some article description container boxes  should be in: #2A1636

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