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21st May, 2019


Well, I blinked and almost missed them! Bluebells that is. We have several patches in the garden but somehow the swiftly-growing ground cover about them seems to have caught them up, partially eclipsing them. Besides which, it seems to me more of a forget-me-not year than a bluebell one. 


Last week we drove daughter to a venue way out in the countryside and I stopped to photograph the soft, smudgy blueness of forgetmenots bordering a roadside ditch. They have been prolific this year in my back garden and also under the pine tree out front. 


I love shades of blue in the borders so triple-whammy this year as the Green Alkanet is adding sapphire shades to the backs of the beds (not to mention the nodding heads of purple-blue Granny's Bonnets!) No matter then that our clumps of bluebells are the Spanish variety, larger than our daintier native species; they have to be taller to be seen! 


Up above all this verdant undergrowth and  like a fluffy overlying coverlet, the ceonothus drapes itself and for the present, my whole world is bathed in a heavenly blue.

                       Granny Bonnet

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