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Celebration Walk

16th May, 2019

What a beautiful May day it has been. Bright sunshine and as is quite usual here in the east until the end of this month, a chill wind that pinches at the cheeks as evening draws on.

Hubby and I had decided on a late walk after an outing to Norwich which we had shared with one of our sons and daughter. We had chosen our favourite vegetarian restaurant serving Belgian waffles which we have always used  on special occasions as well as odd casual visits over the years. The food is always impeccable and the staff unfailingly smiley and courteous.

It's daughter's birthday and the low-key celebration which has become something of a tradition with our family, was her choice. She's a no-fuss, off-beat, fantastic musician who comes alive on stage but otherwise enjoys the simple things of life much like Granny and her Dad!

So, when on our return, Hubby and I went for our walk, we celebrated our good fortune for our lovely, talented daughter and the humour and musical variety she brings to our lives.

                           Grateful Granny Bonnet

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