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How sad that our little ones often learn their fears from older people who themselves possibly acquired learned responses from their own elders.


It must be horrible to suffer from arachnophobia (fear of spiders), when we are lucky enough to live in a country without venomous arachnids (at least as far as us humans are concerned)!

So it is refreshing to know there are books out there addressing the issue of  those irrational fears in a humorous and accessible way. Down-loadable from Amazon at the touch of a button and almost guaranteed to eradicate spider-phobia for ever!

I Love Spiders is one in a series of short, illustrated stories sure to put a smile on little faces and help to banish any lurking fear of creepy-crawlies.

Octavia Legget's New Shoes tells of the trials of  a lady-spider whose shoe-shopping trips prove rather tricky when you have eight feet to consider!  









Oliver the Sink Spider is forced to run away from his beloved bathroom because he so hates the smell of bubble-bath foam.








While Otto the Unlucky Money-Spider tells the tale of the tiny spider who gets sick and dizzy when he is twirled for luck!







My children and grandchildren loved these tales and are quite happy to handle spiders now.


                  Granny Bonnet

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