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​The Kittywitch Diaries are a mix of thoughts and observations on nature, history, myths and  daily events as seen through the eyes of a fit and active 79 year old, still filled with wonder by the environment around her.

The articles will mainly centre on East Anglia past and present but will also contain items of interest from further afield.

What's Under ...

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...Headology? Wisdom?  Wishes?

At around the time I was thinking of starting this blog, the name 'Granny Bonnet' just magically sprang to mind. It's a common name for the delicate and beautiful Aquilegia or Columbine which flowers in my garden. Neither delicate nor beautiful, I'm rather shy and so it felt quite apt to adopt the name. It also somehow suggests there might be something lurking under my lovely flowery hat! Maybe a bit of 'headology' as the late author Terry Pratchett might have said when writing of his witches. Yes, somewhere under the crazy headgear there may be thinking going on, plans afoot, witchcraft, spells... Nah! Not spells.

Do I have anything of interest to say?


Who knows? I've reached my late 70's in good health which is of major importance to me and my family. Speaking of which I am married to a husband 10 years older who is also fit and well. Our family is three children and three grandchildren though I definitely will not be confined to family matters. I'll just go with the flow and chat about things that occur in the daily life of an ordinary person living in rural England.

I don't travel extensively, cruise the oceans or visit restaurants and theatres on a regular basis, so I shall concentrate on the more mundane things that I find just as interesting – perhaps an item of news, a wayside flower or an image that catches the eye. Imagine we are friends meeting up for a natter over a cup of tea!

Why Kittywitch? 


Well, it's tantalising isn't it? You may think kittywitches are of the supernatural, and you would be both right and wrong... You'll have to read my first little article to find the term's less salubrious associations...

What Makes Granny Tick?

Though I 'm retired from full-time work I have, like most people my age, done many things in my life. I have been secretary, teacher, chef, author, sculptor, artist and Shiatsu Practitioner (and am still active in several of these areas), so there will be many different subjects to explore.

I keep abreast of things in a general way so I'll pass on little snippets of information that brighten my days and maybe yours too.

I like to illustrate articles whenever possible with my own photographs and images. In other cases, I will always try to give credit where it is due. 

At the beginning of April, 2022, I decided to gather together all my paintings and illustrations into one place. Then thought I'd like to share some of them. The upshot is that I have begun to experiment with the wider internet - scary! (See page 18) Hope you enjoy the visuals.

I am also currently updating the site of more than a hundred articles. The older ones are available here. Revamped ones can be found under 'blog' above.


Until the next time then, best regards..

                                                                              Granny Bonnet


Background image credit to Visually US:

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